Numbers of Achievements or pinnacles

Numbers of Achievements reveal the information about possible achievements and major events that will occur in your life. They help to unlock all the potential for success and recognition. They help to find out what kind of experience you can acquire and what lessons you can learn travelling through your Life. Numbers of Achievements will help you to decide what is best to do in order to avoid life obstacles and difficulties. Take a look at your previous achievements, they will show you the right direction.

Cycles and Numbers of Achievements

Everyone's life can be divided into four Cycles of Achievements, each of which in its turn is the highest point that can be achieved during the periods of vibrations of the Number corresponding to this Cycle. If the Cycle Number coincides with your Life Path Number or its components, its vibrations increase several times, it can be said that Fate gives you a "helping hand". If the vibrations are positive during this period you would be pushed to success. However, you should remember that only through optimistic mood you can achieve success and become happy. Negative mood will only lead to unhappiness and difficulties. Sometimes a certain Cycle vibrations can be stronger than vibrations of life.

A central role in the person's life play the second and the third Cycles. The third one is considered particularly important, therefore, this period should be scheduled for peace of mind.

Remember, the higher the number is the heavier they are for a child and the easier for an adult.

To learn more about your Cycles of Achievements we recommend you to calculate your Destiny Card in Numerology, and also recommend to you to execute check on Compatibility of Partners.

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