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Your Number - 1

"Ones" are born leaders. Vibrations of Number 1 indicate your ability to hold high positions. You are not afraid of responsibility and boldly take the reins. You need much space for the activity where you could have a lot of opportunities and experiment freely. You have quite a developed intuition. You can engage in creative activities and choose quite liberal professions allowing you to work with greater efficiency and satisfaction. You can prove yourself as a manager, sales department head, personnel department head, employment bureau director, shop director, broker or moneylender, advertising agency director, radio or television station director, commentator, announcer of the news program or a politician, lawyer, Ambassador, Dean of the Faculty, artist, designer, architect, actor, film director, producer, writer, literary critic, editor, publisher or entrepreneur, professional inventor, researcher, neurologist, surgeon, nuclear physician, pilot, army officer. However, you should carefully consider any your idea before taking a responsible decision.

Your Number - 2

Ideal professions for you are those requiring constant interaction, understanding, diplomacy and commitment to leadership. It's better to work with someone in cooperation, rather than doing business alone. It is this principle you should guide choosing future profession. You are able to express yourself successfully and efficiently as a clerk, secretary, bank employee, lawyer, real estate agent, reporter, politician, entertainer or theatre producer, musician, sculptor, shorthand writer, writer, biographer, journalist, publisher, museum or library curator, assistant director, organizer of the tour, registrar in the clinic or porter, airport, hotel or restaurant employee, cook or caterer, police officer, engineer, art collector. In addition, sing in the choir or play in ensembles of musicians-performers. Your moral satisfaction depends on how you'll promote and show interest in success of business requiring cooperation.

Your Number - 3

You will be happy if you have the opportunity to express yourself fully. This is why you should opt for the area where self-expression is an integral part of the workflow. You are in need of constant communication with people, so such professions like a judge, lawyer, politician, director of the information agency, advertising agency director, headwaiter or restaurant head, actor, theater director or producer, writer, playwright, artist, decorator, designer, architect, photographer, model, salesman, cosmetician and hairdresser, gardener, nurse, Sunday school teacher, school teacher, doctor, priest, entrepreneur. You also can engage in activity connected with food, fashion or entertainment.

Your Number - 4

You like no one else want to work hard and with concentration. You are very attentive to little things and don't miss any detail. You will be able to achieve good results in spheres requiring all these qualities. Your professional vocation is to become a constructor, mason, electrician, plumber, architect, designer or manufacturer of furniture, surgeon, nuclear physician, playwright, literary critic, librarian, teacher, teacher of economics, Dean of the Faculty, farmer, horticulturist, secretary, economist, statistician, broker, banker, inventor, engineer, draftsman, controller, cashier or head of credit department, head of store department and shop head, army officer. Most of the listed occupations at first glance seem to be too commonplace. However, you should remember that you have rare professionalism and attention to details, so you can be described as an indispensable employee, specialist of high classification, you should be proud of it.

Your Number - 5

Formula of your happy life is constant change. Sitting in the same place and doing the same thing will not bring you any pleasure. You are constantly on the move, always push forward. You can prove yourself as a travel agent, tour organizer, salesman, inspector, artist, photographer, musician, dancer, writer, playwright, editor, publisher, literary agent, reporter, columnist, commentator, theatre critic, theater director and producer, theatre agent, lawyer, politician, sportsman, cosmetologist, plastic surgeon, pilot, researcher, archaeologist, psychologist, philosopher, lecturer, steward, stewardess, physical trainer. It will be useful for you to do any active sport. Travel, even if this occupation is not part of your work, let it become a sort of hobby. You are a person with deep insight. To enrich your experience and broaden horizons look for new friends, chat with people of various levels of education, wealth and social status.

Your Number - 6

You are very responsible and reliable, attentive to people. You can be always relied on. You are quite sincere and tolerant towards others, you can sympathize people. Your qualities will be useful to you if you choose to connect your life with professions of teacher, Sunday school teacher, head of school, dean of the faculty, lecturer, art director, psychologist and psychiatrist, nurse, doctor, priest, actor, dancer, singer, theatre designer, writer, editor, publisher, personnel department head, head of the charitable fund, costumer, fashion designer, painter and decorator, gardener, stewardesses, cosmetologist, stylist, hairdresser, governesses and even physician. Find a hobby, the main thing is that it is creative occupation that would allow you to show your natural sense of style and would help you to relax and relieve distress.

Your Number - 7

You have incomparable insight, the ability to focus and analyze thoroughly. All these qualities will serve you well in activity requiring great concentration and wisdom. In this regard, the best for you are professions of engineer, researcher, inventor, scientist, historian, archaeologist, geologist, physicist, astrologer, numerologist, researcher of extrasensory perception, traveler-discoverer, personnel department head, economist-connoisseur of arket, specialist in patent law, broker, judge, lawyer, civil libertarian, mediator, counselor, psychologist and psychiatrist, surgeon, designer, photographer, musician, model, critic, editor, writer, commentator, dean of the navigation faculty, sportsman, priest, nurse, theologian and numismatist. You can become a good specialist in the areas connected with antique furniture, jewellery, numismatics, history, etiquette and interior design. Your element is researching.

Your Number - 8

You are the person with sense of tact and ability to understand other people. You should choose the profession that will allow you to express all your talents and abilities as only in this case you are able to achieve success and financial well-being. You can become a good specialist being a philanthropist, inventor, manager, civil servant, economist, administrator, banker, broker, judge, lawyer, politician, restaurant administrator, club organizer, head of store department, editor, writer, publisher, librarian, critic, theatre director or producer, producer of musicals, army officer or military expert, detective and investigator, factory owner, chemist, dean of the faculty, hairdresser, sportsman, sports consultant and trainer, collector, mechanic.
Add charity to your business acumen, it will be advantageous both for you and for those you are able to help. You spend a lot of mental energy to balance this spending, make time for exercising, doing sports. You will be able to achieve glory and recognition, to leave a mark in this world. Try to think not only about yourself, but also to take care of others, help needed and less fortunate people.

Your Number - 9

You are an outstanding person, always passionate about something new and exciting, you push forward. Your inner self requires constant change. You will never be happy if you have to stay all the time in the same place. You are a multilaterally developed person, so the range of suitable jobs for you is very wide: scientist, inventor, ideologist, historian, geologist, archaeologist, philosopher, psychiatrist, researcher of extrasensory perception, connoisseur of esotericism and medium, artist, musician, entertainer, actor on radio and TV, theatre director or producer, commentator, writer, editor, publisher, writer, artist, designer, decorator, expert in information service (PR), politician, administrator, lecturer, detective, surgeon, traveler, fashion designer, cosmetologist, hairdresser, advertising manager, sales department head, travel agent and the "expert"' in celebrities' life. There are no limits for you - you can conquer the whole world. Do all that awakens in your interest, try new things, share your knowledge with others and then happiness and success will come into your life.

The number obtained from the date of birth (Destiny Number) or by adding the numerical values of the letters of the name (Name Number) can indicate your talents that can help to determine the career choice. Each individual number has its definite vibration. You should guide them choosing the future profession. They tell you where you will approve yourself most effectively, and what kind of post you should take in order to achieve the best results. However, it is not possible to specify all the vibrations of these numbers. Perhaps, in the text you will come across rather distant terms, such as "nature", "restaurant", "enterprises", "furniture", it means that your future profession may be closely connected with these objects.
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