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Number of Forecast Year - 1

Number 1 symbolizes the beginning of a new numerological 9-year cycle. It's time for new achievements. Listen to your thoughts and desires and decide what you want to accomplish in the nearest nine years.

This year is ideal for starting a new life. Your future is in your hands, so before starting any serious business, consider everything in advance and plan further actions.

Maybe you will decide to go back to something already checked and tested. This period is good for renovation and modification of old projects. Perhaps, this year you will decide on upgrading your old business, which in the past may have been quite profitable.

As for a private life, this year is perfect for self-improvement. Put all your negative vibrations off and start all over again. Improve yourself until you get full independence, ambition and fidelity to yourself. It is very important that the changes stop to scare you, you should be completely open for new achievements. If your life is closely connected with lives of other people be careful to ensure that your actions don't do them any harm, but only help. Try yourself in new areas to explore, invent, acquire knowledge, be open for new ideas and goals and ready to put them into practice. Maybe this year you will decide to change your place of residence, to move to another job or change your position. You will see a large number of opportunities, taking advantage of which you will be able to benefit greatly and fundamentally change your life for the better. However, you should not rely on fate. Go ahead, put laziness and fear off, this year requires high ambitions and resolute actions.

Be original and independent, implement your ideas and thoughts. Don't be afraid to change your life.

Number of Forecast Year - 2

Main features of this year – diplomacy, cooperation, patience. You expect a serious partnership, so be ready to make important decisions and act together, because other people can have strong influence on your business and plans.

You need to be patient, it is not necessary to hurry up and push things that go slower than you want. Everything takes some time, this also concerns development, even if it seems that it lasts too long.

Don't forget about your goals, even when you work with someone in one team. Make new friends, participate in collaborative work, be receptive and calm, and then you will certainly achieve great results. Extend the range of your interests, study, learn new things, collect information especially about the things that are necessary to achieve your goals.

This period is favorable for making new friends and love. It is right time for marriage. However, if there are negative vibrations, it could provoke the break of partnership or divorce. But if you are patient and understanding you will be able to favor peace and cooperation and resolve difficult situation.

All your actions aimed at helping other people in the future will do you favour.

Number of Forecast Year - 3

This period is primarily intended for self-expression and self-enhancement. It's time to take advantage of your abilities in oral culture. Writing the book, lecturing, singing, playing on stage will help you to express yourself. Prove to everyone that you are a self-confident person that you know how to take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and you are not afraid to do this.

This period is favorable for public activities. It's time for entertainment and travelling. Have fun, inspire people with your optimism and then you will always be surrounded by a large number of friends. In order to avoid quarrels and problems avoid unnecessary gossip and conversations.

Stick to those goals that you have set a couple years ago. Maybe, this year you will get some results.

This year you are full of inspiration, ingenuity and creativity. Apply these qualities in working in business or other areas that involve the prospect of financial gain. Changeable mood can destroy all your plans and throw you off the stride, so please be careful not to give way to emotions. Beware of harsh words and objections, avoid jealousy and resentment. Starting several cases right away, wasting your attention and precious time and energy you risk that many important cases may remain unfulfilled. If you have positive attitude towards life and follow positive vibrations this year promises to be quite enjoyable for you.

Number of Forecast Year - 4

Hard work is the main characteristic of this period. Please, be patient, neat and practical. Stop being lazy and try to move your personal pleasure aside. Only hard work and good organizational skills will help you to achieve these goals and high results. You need to conduct properly your own affairs.

However, keep in mind that stress and wrong treatment can cause you harm. This year is very important to take care of your health, otherwise, you can face very unpleasant effects.

As for business and affairs related to the property, insurance or the sphere of legislation, it is necessary to check all documents and make any necessary changes arising from the expiration of the limitation period. Common sense, providence and management will relieve you from cash problems. This year may bring great spending, however, your practicality and frugality will help you to overcome them.

You are able to achieve success and to prove yourself in the sphere of sale and purchase, construction or trade. However, you should be careful even here. Always re-check documents relating to your business. You may need to help your friends and loved ones.

Do not let yourself be lazy and careless and not leave things for later, because next year vibrations of 5 will not leave you time and flexibility for the implementation of plans.

Number of Forecast Year - 5

The main characteristic of this year is changes. It's time for new friends, travel, new ideas and possibly a change of place of work. It is possible that you will want to change the previous place of residence, you will want to buy a new house or to move to another city or country. It's time for changes, they will open up new opportunities for you to grow and develop. It's time to abandon everything old and unnecessary and start a new life.

Maybe you will become more restless and impatient than before. However, you should proceed with caution, beware of hasty improvisation, they may lead to irreparable consequences. Expand the range of your interests, do your personal and business life more diverse. Perhaps you are interested in public or global problems. Try to be aware of what is happening in the world, it is possible that your knowledge will provide you with the opportunity to help other people. Be sure to use it.

Try not to waste time and energy trying to cope with several cases simultaneously. Best for you is to devote your energy to the implementation of a meaningful project that will revive the affair. Use the advertisement. Look for new ways, don't walk the beaten track. Remember your past goals and look for opportunities for their realization. If you need help of other people, try to make them benefit from your projects.

This is great time for business trips and leisure travel. Don't forget, the most promising opportunities are far from home and routine affairs.

Number of Forecast Year - 6

The main vibration this year – responsibility. Society, family and home are at the head of your responsibilities at this time.

This year, the main purpose for you should be a service to humanity. If you forget about your wishes and needs and give yourself for the sake of others inspiring others to exploits, the truly great reward awaits you. You will find love, friends, warm and will be satisfied with your life. However, if you only think about yourself, indulge all your desires and satisfy all your needs, you will more likely to get frustrated.

As for a private life, you may face difficulties in understanding leading to quarrels and alienation. If you are unable to resolve conflict situations, they may lead to divorce. You also may have problems with children because of misunderstanding. Only love, patience, understanding, honesty and justice will help you to solve the eternal problem of fathers and children. Dedicate yourself to humanity, work for the benefit of others not waiting for benefits in return, and your actions in the future will do you favour.

This year promises to be successful for you. You will have spiritual insight and financial prospects. It is possible that you will be responsible for your relatives. If you take care of them properly, your expenses will be certainly compensated in the future.

This year is quite favorable for marriage, birth of children, the creation of a new family or a reunion of old. Vibrations of this year are closely connected with household chores. You may want to buy or build a new house. Decorate the place where you live, create coziness, but don't forget about the world. Remember, love and sympathy are guaranteed to you only if you give them to others.

Number of Forecast Year - 7

Knowledge and wisdom are traditional vibrations of this year. This is time when you should rest and take care of your health and deepen your knowledge.

It's time to get away from noisy companies to be alone and to start self-knowledge. You need peace and silence to listen to yourself, to your inner desires and aspirations. It's very important for you to learn to enjoy pleasure of staying in solitude. Read, write, think about the mysteries of life, begin to study philosophy. This year is the perfect opportunity to think about your true purpose.

Perhaps, you'll start to show serious interest in the mysteries of life, seriously start pursue science, religion or spirituality. This period is favorable for adequate estimation of your strengths and opportunities and for continuing further self-improvement. As for work, it is not necessary to expand your business and to change something dramatically, let everything remain as it is. All active and important decisions may be groundless that can lead to misunderstanding. However, your prudence shown in time can prevent troubles. Don't hurry, be patient and everything in your life will bring you joy and fun. You will get recognition that you truly deserve. The trip will be useful for you to improve your health, relax or to get new knowledge. You should spend this year on studying, domestic life, rest, healthy way of life and peaceful aspirations. As for a private life, this year is not good for marrying and making the family.

Number of Forecast Year - 8

Vibrations of this year have a big influence on your achievements. If you have planned and prepared everything in advance, if you worked the whole previous period to achieve these goals, this year should be for you very promising. Now your ambition, wise judgment and good business qualities are of greater ever value. Keep moving in the right direction and success does not make you wait for long.

Perhaps, this year you face quite high costs, so it is very important to learn how to properly spend money. Before you can benefit from any enterprise you need to spend much money. In order to avoid financial difficulties at the beginning of the year, you must distribute all receipts. This year may be difficult for you. This is because you are in a tight position due to constant worrying about money.

To get promotion and success you should use some of the ideas and dreams. It's time for action. You will not be able to achieve high results lying on the couch, dreaming and waiting for a sign of fate. Hard work and effort will lead you to success.

Don't rely only on yourself and go alone. High conceit, reassessment of your actions lead to the collapse and frustration. Don't be afraid to asking people for help. People you know can share with you quite valuable ideas and give appropriate advice.

Focus on your affairs, avoid sentimentality and excessive emotions. Don't be afraid to part with those assets that are already useless. Even if it's your property to which it is very difficult to say goodbye, you better do it immediately.

Be attentive to your health. Avoid excessive love joys. Do good, help people, put your personal needs off and then you will get the best award.

Number of Forecast Year - 9

Completion is a key feature of this period. Next year a new cycle will begin, so you should renew broken relations. It's time to finish the nine-year cycle. It's time to say goodbye to everything old and outmoded. This concerns both business and private life. This applies to some people that only make you feel irritation, anxiety and discontent.

If the whole previous period you followed all your plans and ideas, using positive vibrations of each year to maximum, now it's time to reap the fruits of your labors. To open the way to new cycle, this year you need to finish your projects and plans.

All positive that was done and achieved in this period, you can move to the next cycle. This will allow you to build future plans that would complement, extend and update the previous ones. Continuation of previous affairs is quite effective and not useless until they go out of date. Try to initiate only those projects that can be finished by the end of this cycle, i.e. in the course of the year.

Usually "nines" presuppose losses. You may suffer losses in friendship or love, but only if you are too demanding of your friends and relatives. This year it is very important for you to be patient and understanding. Show compassion, this is time when other people need your help. If you learn to be beneficial and serve humanity selflessly, forgetting about yourself and without asking anything in return, it will do you favour.

It's time when you should pay attention to your health in order to be ready for action in the new nine-year cycle.

We all know that success of any serious business mostly depends on time chosen for implementing the plan. Often time, energy and efforts are wasted if you chose inopportune moment for implementation of plans.

When you know what awaits you in the future you have the possibility to act using all your capabilities or to change the nature of your actions, if necessary. This is the main task of numerology. It helps you to choose the right direction, tells what results can be if you do or don't do something.

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