Life Cycles

The whole Life Path can be divided into three components. These different segments are called Life Cycles, each of which has its own name: Formative Cycle, Productive cycle, Resultative Cycle. Each Cycle has its own vibration and characterizes a certain life period opening up the possibility for further development, as well as for acquisition and accumulation of new knowledge. Number of Life Cycles allow to know what "lessons" its owner will face, as well as help to find solutions of emerging problems.

Life Cycles peculiarities

Productive cycle is the second Life Cycle. It lasts from the end of Formative Cycle to the age of 54-62 years. This cycle is considered to be working, during it knowledge and experience are productively applied gained and accumulated during the Formative Cycle. These years are marked by high working capacity and the desire to implement ideas and to achieve their goals.

Resultative Cycle is the third and final Life Cycle. It lasts from the end of Productive Cycle till the end of life. It is during this cycle when we are satisfied with our achievements and get rewards for all our work and deeds. This period is particularly pleasant for those who lived their life in harmony with their internal beliefs using all their best abilities and inclinations.

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