Numbers of Problems

Numbers of problems strongly influence the Life Path, Life Cycles and Achievements of every human. There are one main and two minor Problems. They are like stones that appear in the life of each of us. Numbers of Problems Vibrations characterize their size and ability to impact on these or those events that occur in our lives.

It's very important to learn to solve these problems, to cope with challenges. If you avoid obstacles, pass these problem stones by, thus leaving them on the side of life, you risk to meet them on your life path in the future.

Resolving the problem you get incomparable experience. Obstacles are a great motivator. They are very important life lessons you should learn and master to be able to cope easily with similar problems in future. Otherwise, the vibrations of this obstacle will not allow you to move on Life Path, sending you on further wandering, tripping and falling. But the sooner we meet face to face with an obstacle learning from it a life lesson, the sooner the vibration of this obstacle will slack and will no longer worry.

To learn more about the results of your Numbers of Problems analysis we recommend you to calculate your Destiny Card in Numerology, and also recommend to you to execute check on Compatibility of Partners.

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