Numerology is parascience that studies numbers. Numerology is also known as Magic of Numbers. Its concept is very similar to that of such ancient science as astrology.

This parascience is related to ancient time - even primitive tribes used the numbers. People consciously or unconsciously obey numerology. A bright example of this is a number of superstitions such as: the number of flowers in the bouquet should be odd, you need to repeat three times, a frightening number "13", 666 is the number of the devil. There are many similar examples.

Basics of Numerology

In Numerology all words, names, numbers can be reduced to digits (simple numbers) that correspond to various occult characteristics influencing people's life. This means that according to numerology each simple number corresponds with certain properties, images and concepts. Numerology is primarily used to determine the character, natural abilities, to identify the strong and weak points of personality, to forecast the future, to choose the best time for making serious decisions and actions, as well as to find a suitable profession, place of residence and many other factors. Sometimes people use this science to find friends, life and business partners that would satisfy their requirements.

History of Numerology

As we already mentioned, numerology has very ancient origin. In ancient languages (such as Hebrew) letters had numeric values and were used to denote numbers. It's hard to say when exactly Numerology began its existence, as in ancient times it wasn't distinguished into a separate area of knowledge. Then scientists didn't divide science into areas. Scientists studied numbers both from mathematical and philosophical points of view. That's why there was no reason to define the doctrine about numbers as a separate science.

Pythagorean Numerology

Despite its ancient origin, this science has become popular recently. Main provisions of the Western Numerology in the form which is known to us today, were developed already in the 6th century BC by the great mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras. It was he who integrated mathematical systems of the Arabs, the Druids, the Egyptians with sciences studying human nature. Pythagoras was born in about 570 BC, he traveled around the world and, having returned, he founded in Southern Italy the philosophical society – Pythagorean School. There mostly natural sciences, such as arithmetic, geometry and astronomy were taught. Besides, important discoveries were made there. Pythagoras discovered that 4 musical intervals known at that time could be expressed in a ratio of 1 to 4. He assumed if music could be expressed through figures, everything material could also be expressed through numbers.

Kabbalah Numerology

Numerology as a science was of particular importance in the Kabbalah, where the most developed kind of this teaching was Gematria. Kabbalists have expanded Pythagorean concept, they used magic squares with numbers for a variety of purposes. In the 19th century scientists examined the nature of light, electricity and magnetism. Occult values previously assigned to numbers later became attributed to vibrations of energy. Numerology, which is known to us, today prefers the Pythagorean theory, namely simplified numerical and alphabetical code.

Reduction of numbers to figures

There are many different systems used for reducing numbers to single digits (figures). The most basic, convenient and popular way is addition of all the digits of the number. Thus, if the amount is equal to or exceeds number 10, it is necessary to add figures included in this number together. This process should be continued until you get a number from 1 to 9. Using this method you can reduce any number, such as: date of birth, phone number and so on. From the mathematical point of view this online casinos process is equivalent to the replacement of the original number by its remainder after integer division on 9.

From the point of view of Numerology time moves in cycles from 1 to 9. Through the centuries and decades each new year brings a new number. Days and months within the year can also can be divided into cycles.

Numerology on

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